About the museum

For more than two decades it has been one of the best kept secrets in Germany: The vault of Germany's Central Bank.
Hidden in the slopes of the Moselle-hillsides, nobody suspected that currency worth billions
was stored in the middle of a quiet residential area in Cochem-Cond.
During the Cold War 15 billion German Mark was kept in this vault.

Perfectly disguised by two inconspicuous houses, none of the locals knew that replacement funds were stored here only 30 metres underground. Residents were well aware that there was a bunker; however they did not know its purpose nor its giant size. 

Guided Tours


Visit our museum to join a guided tour through the bunker and its underground vault. Get a glimpse behind the scenes of this special property.

During the summer period (March-October) the bunker can be visited daily between 11am and 3pm. Different opening hours apply during winter time. For more information check out our opening hours.

Please remember to wear warm clothes; temperatures vary around 12 degrees Celsius.

Practical information

- Duration guided tour = approx. 60 minutes.
- Regularly scheduled tours are in German. An English translation of the tour is available upon request at the museum. Guided tours in English or Dutch can be booked for large groups.
- As temperatures vary around 12 degrees Celsius in the bunker, please remember to dress accordingly
- Pets are not allowed in the museum
- We kindly ask large groups (<12 people) to book in advance. More information on group bookings is available here.